Our Story

In 2014, Harold and Ané Spies opened a two room guesthouse, Twice Guesthouse, at their family home in Stellenbosch.  After two fulfilling years of accommodating guests from across the globe and earning excellent ratings on both Tripadvisor and Booking.com, the couple started to play with the idea of expanding the business.

Ané, Liesl and Mandi, two long standing friends and mothers to children attending the same Stellenbosch school, realised the potential of combining their love for travel, food, décor and hospitality. And so the Twice Central trio was born.

In 2016 they bought a property in Hamman street, a quiet residential street off Dorp Street in central Stellenbosch. Hours were spent dreaming about and exploring every detail of the hospitality world, drawing from personal travel experiences and knowledge gained through working in the industry.

Twice Central opened its door in November 2016. 

We look forward to sharing Twice Central with you! May your stay be like stepping into your own room, just better!

Warm regards,

Liesl, Mandi and Ané